DCUO Special Legendary Price for $29.99

dcuo legendary members
DCUO players have new Legend plans for a limited time, a 3-month Legendary Membership for only $29.99 USD. The Legends Plan is available in the PlayStation Store. Offer ends February 04, 2014 for US PC and US PlayStation players, or February 5, 2014 for EU PlayStation players. A new Membership plan purchased before your current Membership expires will take effect after your current Membership plan ends.
Legendary status grants you access to all DLC Packs – including the upcoming War of the Light Part I, monthly grants of Replay Badge and Loyalty Points, and more!

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1 Response to DCUO Special Legendary Price for $29.99

  1. Michael Laja says:

    umm. I plan to buy the offer tomorrow night, does end by February 4th mean I still have a chance tomorrow to buy it or is it over once its February 4th? Because I do plan on buying tomorrow

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