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One MMO to check out this year – Wildstar

We recently attended a press event organized by Carbine Studios and NCSoft where we were shown, and got to play, Wildstar – MMORPG game coming sometime in 2013. After playing the game we thought it would be important to share … Continue reading

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New cinematic trailer – Lex vs Batman

More DC Universe Online Videos The video is supposed to give us more back-story for DC Universe Online. The only thing I am getting from that video is spoonfull of AWESOME! Future Batman fighting Future Lex Luthor who meets his … Continue reading

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RIFT – MMORPGs of 2011, Part 1

The year behind us was probably one of the worst years for the MMORPG genre. We saw several rushed out releases that brought shame to the IPs that powered them. We saw the quickest closing down of a high budget … Continue reading

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January 22. Downtime and Patch Notes

DCUO US and EU servers will be brought down today for maintenance and to apply a small patch. US servers will be locked at 06:30 AM PST and brought offline at 07:00 AM PST. They should be back up one … Continue reading

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Small Hotfix Deployed

During yesterday’s downtime there was a small patch deployed that fixes the following issues: Quests: In “Shipping and Handling”, the Elite Riot Officers will no longer get trapped in the ceiling as they enter the room. Quests: In “Testing 1, … Continue reading

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All DCUO servers down – cause unknown (January 16. 2011.) *updated

As of 6:00 PM EST all US (and I think EU as well) DC Universe Servers went down. This caused the official forums to crash as well. Now, the launcher application is dead as well (failed to initialize). This is … Continue reading

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Queue and First Day Review

For some reason DC Universe Online is not getting the amount of attention some classic MMO games get. Whether that is caused by the console feel the game has (which makes it foreign to the PC crowds that are MMORPG … Continue reading

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DC Universe Online Lives

It is January 11. 2011. and DC Universe Online, Action MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, is seeing first customers create their characters on the Live servers. After months of Beta testing and years of development you will be able to … Continue reading

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